Profitable Fun: Discover World of Untapped Opportunity in the Entertainment Industry

Experience the fun and profit of owning an escape room! Escape rooms are a popular and growing entertainment choice in India and worldwide, giving customers a unique and enjoyable time.

In escape rooms, players, usually 2-8 people, work together to solve puzzles and find clues in a ‘locked room’ and ‘escape’ the room before the time is up. As an escape room business owner, you provide the room with themed designs and a series of puzzles to solve, usually in 60 mins. People come in groups, buy tickets and play the game.

Now is the perfect time to tap into this new opportunity in this booming market with tremendous potential for building a high-profit business.

The Game Changer in the Indian Entertainment Industry is Here

Escape room businesses in India are profitable due to the growing demand for unique experiences, limited competition, and high returns on investment. Running an escape room is lucrative for many reasons:

High-profit margins

Escape Rooms have high-profit margins due to low operating costs, as they do not require expensive equipment or inventory.

Repeat business

Due to the challenging nature of escape rooms, customers often return to attempt to beat their previous records or try out new games/rooms.


Escape rooms have become increasingly popular worldwide as people seek new entertainment and fun experiences. The wave has reached India too.

Untapped market

India is currently an untapped market for the escape room business. While we see exponential growth yearly, the competition is still low.

Diversified market

Escape rooms appeal to many customers, including families, corporate groups, and individuals looking for a fun activity.


Escape rooms can be easily customised and updated to keep customers returning for new experiences

With a booming middle class and a hunger for new experiences, India is ripe for the escape room revolution. As the market grows, there’s never been a better time to invest in this highly profitable entertainment concept.

How Do You Get Started with an Escape Room Business?

Lock N Escape offers you three options to choose from.

Lock N Escape Franchise

Partner with an industry expert who has been through hardship, like Lock N Escape, one of India’s leading escape rooms, and copy their business model to ensure success.

Use Lock N Escape’s brand name, games, and proven strategy and be a franchise partner.

As a Lock N Escape franchise, you’ll fast-track your path to success and attract visitors to your premise with our established brand name.

Since our website already gets targeted traffic, people from your city will find you easier through our web presence.

Indoor Escape Room

Want to have your own brand and unique games? No problem.

We’ll design and build your indoor games, help set everything up, and train your staff based on your choice of theme and budget (based on your chosen package).

We’ll also guide you with branding and other means as best as possible.

Rest assured that you’d be guided by an industry-leading expert and make it to the top faster and safer.

Your Own Outdoor Escape Room

Are you a theme park or an entertainment centre owner willing to add more variation and excitement to your centre with your own brand name?

With our help, you can add an outdoor escape room to your offering. We’ll inspect your location and design, build and set up the games based on your chosen package.

Rest assured that your fun centre will be the most talked about hotspot in the city as escape rooms are the future of live entertainment, and India is a big playing field.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition with our help.
Building your escape room business under an expert’s guidance is cheaper, quicker, easier, and stress-free. You copy-paste a business model that’s already successful, avoid the pitfalls and grow quicker.

Working Together with Us Fast-Tracks Your Route to Victory

Introducing Lock N Escape, Hyderabad’s premier escape room. With six physical and four virtual games, 30,000+ satisfied customers, more than 3000 4.8-star Google reviews, and a 99% happy customer rate, we’re one of the industry leaders in the country.

And now we’re offering franchise opportunities to other Indian entrepreneurs for our proven and repeatable business model.

Benefits of Owning a Lock N Escape Franchise

Proven business model

You just copy-paste our proven model, which we provide as you join our hands.

Affordable investment cost

By eliminating all excessive costs, we provide you with a solid strategy and detailed guidance. You’ll avoid the errors we made in our beginnings, as we’ll share all the crucial lessons we gained through experience.

High profitability potential

Escape rooms have good margins from year 1. When you do the right things, you can return your investment faster than you’d think.

Strong Lock N Escape team support

We’re always there for help. You’ll never feel left out or alone in the journey.

Lock N Escape Got Your Back in Every Way

From concept and design to full implementation, we’ll hand-hold you to success. Our experience and expertise will give you an unfair advantage in the journey.

Check our comprehensive franchise packages to cater to your needs.

Want to Have Your Own Brand and Games?

If you want to have your own escape rooms with unique games and personal branding, we at Lock N Escape can help you with game concept development to complete game setup and staff training.

We’ll help you build your own escape room brand and make a mark in the industry. Whether you want to build an indoor escape room or own a theme park/entertainment centre, we have a solution for you.

Got Questions? We’re Always Here to Answer Your Queries.

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Strong Lock N Escape team support

The Indian escape room market is taking off. Join the revolution, build a profitable business, and stay in the lead. By starting now, you’ll be ahead of the curve and enjoy being a top player.

Don’t wait – take the early adopters’ advantage. The time to act is now! Contact our team for more details on becoming a successful Lock N Escape franchise owner and making the most of this booming market with limited competition.

Take action today and secure your spot in this thriving industry! Contact us now and start your journey to success with Lock N Escape.

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